Recruitment Industry Trends for 2020

As we look to this new decade there’s an incredible amount of innovation happening in the recruitment industry. New technology is changing the way we work, with AI and big data, the buzzwords on everyone’s lips. To cover it all would require a book rather than an article. However, there’s one significant challenge that all recruitment agencies and their clients are facing at the moment that will need to be adapted to.


The Challenge

The number one problem most recruiters face today is that they need to go the extra mile to find the right candidates for their clients. Unemployment levels are low across the board, but our clients need the best talent to grow their business. Competition for talented professionals is stronger than ever. Clients are also more aware than ever of the cost of bad hires. The lost time, money and output that come when you hire and onboard someone, only to discover they’re wrong for your company, are matters all clients are concerned about. Recruiters need to get it right, first time and every time. Here are three ways the recruitment industry is changing to solve this problem.


1 – Employer branding

Employer branding is how companies promote themselves as great places to work. Recruiters must work with their clients to ensure they create and maintain an employer brand. If they aren’t, you know their competitors will be. Candidates now do their own research on what working at a company is like before they go forward with an application. They’ll look at LinkedIn, Glassdoor, as well as the company’s website to find out everything they can. Employers must make sure they like what they see. Companies with a bad reputation in this area will struggle to attract quality candidates. Many graduates and those just starting out in the world of work, are looking for a place where they can develop personally and professionally. They want to work somewhere with a clearly defined culture, based around a set of values that resonate with them.


2 – Sourcing passive candidates

It follows that because unemployment is low, fewer people will be looking for jobs. Recruiters have to get creative to find, reach and persuade candidates to put themselves forward for jobs with their clients. The first step is knowing who you want to target. This is where the new area of people analytics can help. Companies can use metrics to identify what kind of people are successful in specific roles, then hire to match that specification. Next, recruiters have to find the right people by expanding their usual reach. You have to go where they are because they won’t come to you. LinkedIn is the go-to area for this, look for people who are following your client’s company and work back from there. Referrals are also an excellent source of passive candidates. Once a recruiter has found their passive candidates, it’s all down to their skills of persuasion.


3 – Candidate experience

Recruiters and their clients also need to make the recruiting process as simple and stress-free as possible for their candidates. When they get the candidate experience right, candidates are likely to accept the job and tell their friends and colleagues about their great experience. Conversely, poor candidate experience will result in bad reviews. The recruitment process needs to be as easy as possible, from the sourcing stage, through interviewing and hiring, ending with onboarding. It should promote the employer’s brand and make it easy for candidates to recommend. Recruiters must be friendly and professional, providing appropriate feedback at every stage of the process. You must eliminate conscious and unconscious bias as much as you can. Technology can help you improve your candidate experience, with tools to help candidates complete applications, schedule interviews and ask questions of their recruiter. If you’re not using these solutions to make things better for your candidates, make it a priority for 2020.


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