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A boutique agency specialising in connecting accountancy practices with top talent, Williams Munroe is built on the belief that recruitment can be done better. With a background in elite sport, our business is driven by our competitive nature and determination to build high-performing teams for our clients. Currently based in Birmingham, Williams Munroe strives to become the premier talent and recruitment consultancy within the accountancy sector across the UK.

In what is a very traditional sector, we are disruptive and innovative. We understand the challenges facing practice today, working closely with our clients to assess and advise on effective recruitment and talent development solutions. We champion value-added consultancy; we are not afraid to challenge client perspectives on their recruitment needs and processes. Our brand values are empathy, integrity and resilience.

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Sharing my CV

We don't submit your CV and details to any client without your prior approval. We provide you with shortlists of our clients and opportunities that we believe would be of interest to you, and our consultants will spend time gathering feedback on how you'd like to proceed at each stage of the process.

With our candidate portal you can access your details at any time and update any elements of your profile.

All or nothing

Candidates often complain of being chased at inappropriate times. Or worse, they don’t ever hear back from a recruiter. Our consultants aren’t there to serve as administrators for a job search but rather are trusted by our clients to act as a key part of their recruitment process.

We expect to spend time getting to know you to understand how best we can further your career. If your first question is ‘Can you tell me the salary and send me a job spec’, then we probably aren’t the right business for you.

Trust issues

Generally after accepting a job offer, candidates may never hear from their recruiter again. We often hear stories of roles not being what was sold, too much travel, not the flexibility that was promised etc.

Unlike other agencies, our client relationships ensure we stay involved as a key part of your induction process until you're well on your way to success in your new role. We engage with clients and expect regular updates with them. Your consultant will have reviews with you throughout your first three or six months with the business and will be there to help you with anything that comes to light.

Getting the best deal

We're constantly mapping the market to ensure we provide accurate benchmarks to candidates on available benefits and rewards. Many of our offers are structured with a longer term view in mind. Also, they will often outline how you can expect salary and benefits packages to improve over time so that you can map your progression opportunities and development from the outset.

We are an advocate of modern working practices and encourage all our clients to include latest best practice when making offers. This can include superior provisions for healthcare, remote working, flexible hours, dress down policies and rewards etc.

The best part about working with Williams Munroe was the level of detail provided. After we spoke on the phone and met for a coffee they provided a list of different clients they worked with and why they thought they would be a good match for me.

I chose two or three and even though they weren’t actively advertising any jobs they arranged for me to meet a few of the partners, and soon after I had three job offers to choose from.

Semi Senior Accountant

One of the most enjoyable meetings with a recruiter I’ve ever had.

We spoke almost exclusively about everything other than work. We even swap book recommendations to this day.


Phil at Williams Munroe was amazing at helping me out in quite a difficult time. He dropped everything and met me personally to outline a clear plan of action of how he would help.

I couldn’t believe how quickly he was able to open doors and I'm grateful for him spending so much time in helping with the little things and the interview preparation and research.

Associate Director

Personally, I like it when someone expresses an interest in not just what I do professionally. Work impacts your whole life and therefore your personal life and beliefs can affect the role and vice versa.

Finding out what makes the person tick can make the difference, and I found that in the first meeting with Williams Munroe.

Audit and Accounts Manager

Relocating is never easy but somehow Williams Munroe managed to make it all work. A member of their team travelled across the country several times to make sure everything was on track.


I can't believe that I got a role in a firm as good as this. I’ve told all my friends about them!

Trainee Accountant

Williams Munroe were recommended by a friend of mine that they'd helped find a new job. I had a real problem with my employer and they were really understanding and helpful.

The team would always be happy to chat at the end of the day, over the weekend and even arranged for me to get some free legal advice to put my mind at rest. Now I’m in my new role and things couldn’t be going better.

Client Manager