Our candidates

The power of people

Building a sustainable future

We realize that we must invest time, sweat and energy in building strong relationships with clients to ensure a healthy pipeline of jobs to offer.  But on the flipside of that, without committing  the same energy into our candidate relationships, we wouldn’t have anyone worth putting forward for the jobs we have worked hard to secure. 

We have been in your shoes and know what drives you crazy. We have been hands on exploring for, developing, constructing for, and producing energy for the last 30 years – fossil, sustainable or renewable energy, we know and understand what you do at work and why you do it.

Whether you are looking for your next gig in oil and gas, or renewables, we have your back. Not only that but if you are seeking to transition from one to the other we are perfectly poised to offer you the advice and development strategy to make that transition as effective as possible.

Perhaps you are looking to enter into a career in the energy sector….. let us help you make that transition.

Williams Munroe Energy uses the very latest innovation to minimize the amount of your precious time needed briefing us to understand what works best for you. Because we only focus on the energy sector our client list is the most comprehensive out there.

Our promise to you

We tear up the rule book when it comes to candidate experience. You are more than just a dot in a database to us – here are the 5 commitments we make to you:


We know you need updates, being kept in the loop, with a video, phone or email and, of course, preparation for, and feedback on interview performance. We are in touch with our candidates regularly when we are working on a role together.


If you are not the right fit for a role, you want to know the truth and why, so that we can get the right role for you. There is no point in us putting you forward for something you will not get, and you want to know what the real update was from the client. We also expect you to be honest with us and it’s a two-way street !

We value you

You know we represent both the employer and you. We know you want to be treated equal in the process and not a commodity waiting to be pulled off the shelf or an afterthought. We will consult with you along the journey and welcome your honest input, opinions, and feedback as we work together to fulfil your career plans and goals.


Nothing drives you more crazy than endless administration and form filling with nothing to show for it. We commit to easing the burden to you of getting your next role and use the very latest innovation to ensure it is as efficient and engaging as possible. We know you are much more comfortable when you understand the client’s recruitment process from start to finish and the timescales involved. If things are taking longer than they should be, then you want to know why and you hate surprises.

Added Value

You want more than just a recruiter. You are looking for in-depth market knowledge, recent best thinking on interview preparation, best-practice preparatory material, insight and connections that give you the competitive edge over other candidates. We provide a wide selection of onboarding services which make it a breeze to not just get you the role, but also ensure you can deliver in the role.