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We work with the best clients

We don't work with everyone. In a traditional sector, we are disruptive and innovative. We understand the numerous challenges now faced by accountancy practices, and we work closely with clients committed to creating effective talent acquisition and development solutions, as well as long-term retention strategies.

We champion value-added consultancy and we're not afraid to challenge client perspectives on their recruitment needs and processes, when we believe there is a better way of working. We don't waste time on half-hearted placements; we'd rather stick to what we're really good at, expertly representing our clients in the market and finding them people with genuine potential. 

We work collaboratively with HR and line managers to engage and onboard individuals with the attributes needed to enhance a practice. Our approach is honest, reliable and transparent in accordance with our brand values of empathy, integrity and resilience.

Finding the right people

Simply put, there’s not enough talent available, especially at mid/management level. Many firms are top heavy and need to pass down their expertise to good candidates who currently come at a premium and receive multiple job offers.

We map and identify the labour force local to our clients' location. We spent time with them, experiencing first-hand their company and their culture so we can represent them fully in the market, approaching candidates as an extension of our clients' brand and practice.

We approach passive candidates in a discrete and professional manner before they’re actively looking for a new role, with 80% of our placed candidates being passive.

Our approach is proven to deliver.

Ensuring quality control

Changes in the profession globally have led to an influx of candidates at the junior and semi-senior stages. With so many different routes into practice, a key challenge is assessing each candidate's capability. Clients are increasingly spending time training new hires in areas they expect them to already know, as well as interviewing totally unsuitable candidates.

CVs can make it difficult to determine the value of a candidate. We go deep under the skin or ‘CV’, testing and qualifying all candidates personally, meaning many don't make it through our qualification process. Where appropriate, we also complete technical testing, both skill-based exercises and psychometric profiles, to ensure our clients have an all-round accurate picture.

We take the time, so our clients don't have to.

Engaging and offering

A candidate’s first experience should be a positive one. For most, we are that first experience and we fine tune our approach accordingly. When it comes to the offer stage, many slip through the net due to the wrong combination of remuneration and rewards. Many traditional firms lag behind their competitors in embracing modern working practices and flexibility. If an offer is rejected, or a counter offer successful, our client has wasted time in a process detrimental to their brand.

We manage the process to ensure the candidate is communicated to in line with their preferences, and offers made in accordance with their expectations. We benchmark firms so our clients can make informed decisions, and customise offer letters and contracts for a personal touch with each candidate.

We set our clients apart from competitors.

Onboarding and retention

Starting a new job can be nerve-wracking and many candidates can feel anxious in the first few weeks or months of a new role. Candidate drop-outs are a huge risk in a competitive market. It is easier now more than ever for a candidate to move firms. Often clients complain that following an offer letter they never hear from their recruiter until an invoice arrives.

A candidate's start date represents the start of our unique service offering. We have a formally defined onboarding process where we work with clients and candidates to ensure a smooth transition. We speak with hiring managers and candidates to check everything's working well, and mediate solutions for any areas of concern. We offer market leading rebate coverage and post-placement support.

We have substance and credibility behind our promises.

Phil is a passionate professional with proven experience in varying operational environments including legal regulation, professional sport, and consultancy. He has a proven record of working between business and professional sport, enhancing performance, improving engagement and improving talent identification.

He has a natural understanding of different individuals’ management and development needs and learning preferences. Able to grasp complex problems and see ‘the big picture’ quickly. A truly unique skill set aimed at bringing the best out of people, a natural at developing relationships. He is comfortable working with the highest level professionals and I have no hesitation in recommending him.

Operations Director, International Consultancy

Phil really challenged me on leadership. He didn’t pull any punches at all! Working together, he had an ability to build rapport extremely quickly and to really engage with us as a company. If you want to work with a business that differs from the middle of the road then Phil at Williams Munroe is definitely the right choice of partner. I really enjoyed my time working with him.

Managing Director (Europe) FTSE100

I first became aware of Phil’s potential whilst working at Leicester Tigers during my time as Head of Elite Player Development. Although I am now based in Australia I have kept in touch with Phil on return visits to England where we catch up and continue to swap ideas. Phil appreciated what it takes to lead and coach at the highest level. I'm confident he will add value to any team serious about ‘top flight’ performance.

International Rugby Union Coach